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Your Go-To for Septic Tanks and New Home Plumbing in Griffith

Welcome to Zambon Plumbing, Griffith’s own go-to expert for all your new home plumbing and septic tank needs.

Whether you’re setting the stage for your new dream home or in search of the perfect septic tank solution, we are here to ensure your setup is flawless. Specialising in the sale and installation of top-of-the-line septic tanks, including the eco-friendly Aqua Advance range from Everhard, we aim to provide solutions that meet your specific needs. With expertise in new house plumbing and a keen approach to septic servicing (AWTS), our focus is on delivering work that stands the test of time.

Serving both residential and commercial clients in Griffith and surrounding areas, Zambon Plumbing is committed to excellence in water systems and plumbing services.

About Us – The Zambon Plumbing Promise

My names Brendon Zambon and I am the face behind Zambon Plumbing, a proud Griffith local dedicated to offering the best in plumbing and septic services. Since starting in the industry in 2000 and to now running my own business since 2004, I’ve garnered the experience and knowledge necessary to provide quality and reliable services.

From the advanced Aqua Advance septic tanks by Everhard to custom plumbing solutions for new constructions, our goal is to tailor services to perfectly fit your requirements. Taking immense pride in our work, we deliver services that are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly and sustainable. Whether it’s installing an eco-conscious septic system or ensuring your new home’s plumbing is on point from the get-go, we are here to help.

After all, my motto is clear: Done once. Done right. No shortcuts.

Our Process



It all starts with a conversation about what you need. Be it the intricacies of plumbing for your new home or selecting the best septic tank, we are here to listen and provide expert advice. We will assess your requirements, and discuss the best solutions tailored to your needs.



Following our chat, we will put together a detailed quote that’s as transparent as Griffith’s skies. Expect a clear, fair breakdown of costs for everything from the latest Everhard septic systems to comprehensive plumbing for your new home, with absolutely no surprises.



This is where we get down to business. With precision and care, we tackle everything from pipe laying to septic tank installation, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Our commitment is to meet your needs on time and within budget, with quality workmanship that lasts.

Our Services

Septic Tank Sales and Installation

Offering Everhard’s Aqua Advance range and tailored advice to select the ideal system for your property.

New House Plumbing

Expert plumbing solutions from the ground up, ensuring your new home is equipped with a durable, efficient system.

Septic Servicing (AWTS)

Comprehensive expert AWTS servicing to ensure your system operates optimally and meets council requirements for quarterly maintenance checks, keeping you compliant and your septic system efficient.

Plumbing Inspections

Professional and thorough plumbing inspections to identify potential issues before they escalate. Our skilled team utilises the latest technology to ensure your plumbing system is in top condition, meeting all regulatory standards and preventing costly repairs down the line.

Our Septic Tanks

Advanced Septic Solutions for Australian Homes

Here at Zambon Plumbing, we have partnered with Everhard Industries, an esteemed Australian-owned and operated business, to present the Aqua Advance range of septic tanks. These systems are meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of Australian residences, factoring in our distinctive environmental and climatic conditions.

The Aqua Advance range is at the cutting edge of septic tank technology, prioritising both efficiency and ecological sustainability. It’s engineered to effectively treat all domestic wastewater—covering laundry, kitchen, and bathroom sources—so it can be repurposed safely for irrigating your garden and lawn. Choosing Zambon Plumbing means opting for a septic solution that is built to last, while respecting the environment and tailored to thrive in Australian conditions.

Recent Projects

Our portfolio showcases a variety of projects that demonstrate why residents and businesses in Griffith trust Zambon Plumbing. From modern homes equipped with the latest plumbing solutions to environmentally friendly septic tank installations that are both efficient and sustainable, my work reflects a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.